23′ Portfolio


In 10 years I see myself traveling the world. Some of the places I would love to see is Italy, France, England, Florida, etc. I hope I will have a small little family with many puppies. I also see myself as an ultrasound tech. I will also love to do photography on the side. I like photography so  I think its perfect.

As a photographer I hope I can do concert photography. I love photography and I love concerts and I think it would be really fun to do. I play the guitar  now so I hope that in 10 years I will still be playing the guitar for fun.

I want to live in a big house . Not only one but two, I want a regular family house but also a beach  house would be fun. I love baking so a really nice big kitchen would be wonderful. I hope that I will be able to photograph some of my favorite music artist if I ever get the chance too. I also would love to just go to many concerts to have fun.